Welcome to Trends on the Block

Since 2016 I have been deeply passionate about the crypto and blockchain industry. My first introduction to Bitcoin as a concept was in an ecnomics class. I was lucky enough to have a professor plant the seed in my head about economic freedom. From there the seed grew and hasn't stopped since.

When this journey began I was purely interested in the financial gains. I had dreams of becoming a crypto billionaire, and running the world's first Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund. Turns out there are quite a few regulations in place that make that quite a difficult endeavor, and being young I was easily discouraged from the idea.

Regardless my passion persisted. As time went on I began to understand not only the financial gains possible from crypto but the economic freedom it enabled its users. My time was spent researching blockchain companies and how they were disrupting the existing middle-man economy of brokers, banks and real eastate angencies. I went down the rabbit hole, and it has gone further than I had ever imagined possible.

Flash-forward to 2020, I am still passionate as ever about crypto and I feel as though it is my duty in this universe to spread the word of crypto. I sat by watching the world grow more and more reliant on a fraudulent and evil banking regime. I tried waking up those around me, and it worked. My circle of friends is well educated on crypto and my family is beggining to see that my "crazy"views back in 2016 weren't so crazy after all. I decided it was time to contribute in the one way I could, a website.

Having a few years of coding in my background, picking up HTML was as easy as riding a bike. A few days later and I had my domain, my web hosting service paid for, and a functioning website.

Now here is where you have become a crucial part of my story. My goal is to show the world that there is an alternative to the harmful cartel that is the global banking industry, slow payments with outrageous fees and taxes, and centralized control over our finances that blocks us out of the decisions pertaining our hard-earned money.

It is time we as a society go back to the old ways of financial sovereignty being held by the individual. Spreading that message begins with you. Everyone you share this page with increases the chances of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Word of mouth is only as powerful as the mouths spreading the word. Together we can make a real impact on the knowledge people have about the financial slavery they have beeen put through.