ADA Fractal Pattern and Multi Coin Analysis

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Multiple Indicators: Bearish Fractal Pattern

Indicators used, their current contribution into the analysis of the ADA fractal pattern:

With the BB rejection occuring at the top of the possible bearish fracal pattern adds confidence to the continuting of the bearish market structure.

Price will likely drop to 0.06328 in the near future after tapping on 0.07040 and having a small bounce into the range high. Price is fighting the downtrend but the markets take path of least resistance. Both the 4h and the daily TF RSI's are hovering around 50-56, going down.

Multiple Coins

XLM is contintuing to be contained by this downward channel. While price is facing downward pressure, the RSI continues its ride higher, as noted earlier this week.

A price formation with this shape, and RSI characteristic, often play out in three deviations from one another before price corrects in the predicted manner, in this case likely a large bounce off the low..

If price doesnt crash through 0.06540, then that would be an equal low on top of a higher RSI, giving the price catapult further strength from a lower drop. Otherwise price can revisit 0.06155 level.

Bitcoin feeling pressure from this trend line, coming ftom most recent spike into resistance. The 4h and daily RSI on BTC are already below 50, in the 42-47 range respectively. Also on the way down from overbought on both TF.

Considering the gap between price and trend line, there is a possibility price moves up to ~9555 before continuing towards 8136. ADA and XLM still heavily tied to BTC, though looking to break independent at times. Markets continuing their trends downwards, again short and/or in cash on these three would be prudent.