BTC Bearish Flag Review

In total my predictions were spot on for most of them. However I did miss the big move downwards at the end, and in fact incorrectly called for a reversal to the upside in the same 5 mins that BTC fell around 1k USD. I do see how I missed such a move with hindsight and plan to grow from that mistake. I was successful in charting the BTC moves as well as the corresponding Penny Coin Strategy levels prior to this mistake. In all, I was happy with how it went as hundreds of people joined in and based on the number of requests made by users, it was clear they were reading the whole analysis and checking out the site.

Here is a small lsit of things I beleive I could have done better and that I have learned as a redult, which you may also benefit from reading:

In general, for the next Live Trade Tracking, I will do the same format of regular updates however I will not be exclusively using any time frames lower than 15m, instead they will be used in tandem with 15m and up to understand the inner workings of patterns developing on the higher time frames. This relates to my training section Time Frame Propogation and will make more sense if you read that. There will also be a section dedictaed to the tracking articles and their reviews, available in the nav bar above when it is finished.